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Video and data files from NIST tests. source code for FastLite or other fire programs that need a fire descriptor. Video... see more

The purpose of this web page is to present the results of fire experiments performed at BFRL in several different... see more

People who know fire also know that fires depicted in movies and television for entertainment can leave the wrong... see more

This course is intended to provide the student with the fundamentals and technical knowledge needed for proper fire scene... see more

This is a course outline for a course in Fire Investigation II.

This is a flashover simulation at the NYSFA for Fire/Arson Investigation Course. Clearly shows radiative heat transfer.

This is a course outline on Fire Related Human Behavior.

A great report on the investigation from a criminal prosecution perspective

This is the latest US Fire Administration Research Report.

An exercise and format for preliminary investigation reports

This online document outlines basic procedures for fire scene documentation and evidence collection. This Research Report... see more

This site contains a lecture that is part of a Forensic Law course. This particular lecture concerns arson and... see more

This publication of the USFA is the result of a study of arson by a project team. Information presented in the study... see more

This is a set of PowerPoint slides designed for a course entitled Introduction to Forensic Science. This set includes the... see more

This on-line class describes "how to perform documentation tasks that should be done at every scene including scene... see more

This is a video animation of the Explosion of the BP refinery. This 5+ minute video just documents the facts as known... see more

You tube video of the August 10, 2008 as taken by some amatuer videographers. Their speculation and comentrary give a... see more

Jim Pharr explores burn patterns. A burn pattern has a line of demarcation where charred materials are very close to the... see more

Stay up-to-date about wildfires in the United States with a "real time" incident map and learn how to be smart outdoors.

The instructor for this program is John Twomey, Lead Forensic Photographer for the United States Secret Service. The... see more

The program will show how experts can successfully meet the legal standards for conducting an investigation and... see more

Jim Pharr examines a fire in a small house where three different fires were present. In the house, there were two... see more

Jim Pharr defines ignitable liquids. Ignitable liquids are any liquids that will burn. Firefighters must examine the... see more

How do you indicate an incendiary fire? Jim Pharr examines these indicators. Look for a trailer, which is something used... see more