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Game for coding in Python

This one-hour, Web-based course on Java uses a combination of video, audio, graphics, and text to provide flexible,... see more

This is a great website for students that either are having trouble grasping recursion, or those that believe they know... see more

This is a learning activity that gives students an understanding of sorting with a hands-on experience. It is independent... see more

Teach your students how to figure out tricky texts in any language. Syntax Untangler is an online activity that asks the... see more

Complément d’exercices théoriques et pratiques en complement du livre Algorithms, 4th Edition de Robert Sedgewick and... see more

This set of open course files for Database Design and Applications was created through a Round Twelve ALG Mini-Grant for... see more

Basic step-by-step instructions for using Microsoft Excel to produce charts, specifically XY Scatter charts. Includes... see more

This set of practice assignments for Computer Science 1 were created under a Round Twelve Mini-Grant for Ancillary... see more

This lesson covers the basics of social media privacy agreement and guides students to creating more secure personal... see more