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An open source taxonomy for the future of education. Mapping the future of learning and talent.

Engineering Education is incomplete without hands on learning of real systems. IIT Kharagpur having a very strong base in... see more

NetPublic est un Espace Public Numérique (EPN) permet d’accéder, de découvrir, de s’informer, d’échanger, de créer et de... see more

Ceci est unportail Wkipedia traitant de l'Internet des Objects (IdO) L'Internet des objets, ou IdO (en Anglais Internet... see more

Portail de cours en ligne mis a la disposition au public. certains cours sont ouverstr et d'autres necessitent une... see more

This is a content repository overseen by the internal francophone organization member universities. All resources... see more

Mobile learning map provides valuable resources on mLearning and development.

,PhET provides fun, free, interactive, research-based science and mathematics simulations. We extensively test and... see more

The STEM Concept Videos, produced by the Teaching and Learning Laboratory, are designed to help students learn pivotal... see more

OER Commons is a teaching and learning network and repository, from K-12 lesson plans to college courseware open to... see more

This Teaching Object (TO) is an addendum to a chemistry syllabus that outlines Students' Frequently Asked Questions in... see more

The resource contains many Flash physics animations covering topics such as chaos, mechanics, vectors, waves, relativity;... see more

This Applet enables users to conduct the experimental titration of strong acid/strong base or weak acid/strong base for... see more

General Chemistry Experiment Simulations, Tutorials and Conceptual Computer Animations for Introduction to College... see more

The Applet, Qualitative Analysis of Cations, enable user to test virtual unknown samples of cation mixtures. User... see more

This is an applet that explore the form of the Fermi-Dirac distribution for different values of chemical potential.

The Flash animation depicts the mechanism of the Mannich Reaction.

This interactive Flash movie depicts the reaction mechanism of the strecker synthesis.

This interactive flash movie depicts the meachanism of Wittig reaction.

The wavefunction for a particle with an ill-defined location can be regarded as the sum (superposition) of several... see more

The applet is a flash movie depicting the rection mechanism of the mannuch Reaction

Focus on developed modular curricula, materials and methods to enhance the appreciation and learning of science,... see more

Internet-based simulation program of acid-base titration with an interface that get students interact with the model by... see more

This interactive simulation enable user to investigate the effect of temperature of the behavior of an fictional ideal... see more