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This site has an explanation of Potential energy. It also includes formulas, and examples are given to add visual aid.

This is a hyper-linked exploration of topics in classical mechanics.

A hyperlinked exploration of topics in heat, thermondynamics, kinetic theory, and statistical Mechanics

A hyperlinked exploration of the condensed matter physics, including metals, semiconductors, lattices, magnetism, and... see more

Hyperlinked exploration of nuclear physics, including particles, structure, radiation, and applications.

A hyperlinked exploration of quantum physics and quantum mechanics.

A hyperlinked exploration of astronomy and astrophysics, inlcuding the solar system, stellar evolution, compact objects,... see more

A hyperlinked exploration of relativity, including topics in both special and general relativity.

A hyperlinked exploration of the physics of acoustics and sound, and the physiology of hearing.

A hyperlinked exploration of light, color, optics and vision.

A tutorial on basic electromagnetism from HyperPhysics, with extensive hyperlinks to relevant discussions.

Online tutorial covering a large number of topics in basic electricity and magnetism.

Online tutorials covering a wide range of physics topics, including modern physics and astronomy. Material is organized... see more