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LP Explorer is a Java applet which enables the simplex method to be applied to a linear programming (LP) problem and the... see more

The web site contains notes and numerical examples for three distinct solution algorithms for general linear programs... see more

Computer assisted learning is a collection of experimentation and simulation using computer software packages such as... see more

A general methodology for construction of the sensitivity-region is given. It allows us to analyze any type of changes... see more

IP Explorer enables branch and bound using the simplex method to be applied to an integer programming (IP) problem. The... see more

This contains terms specific to mathematical programming, and some terms from other disciplines, notably economics,... see more

Here is a java applet that can be used to solve min-cost network-flow problems.

This site presents a collection of recent developments on sensitivity analysis. It includes sensitivity analysis in... see more

This site contains numerous Java applets for linear programming and optimization.

The web site contains the development of simplex algorithm from the algebraic method, together with pivoting row... see more

This Web site introduces you to what can go wrong in the process of building a linear program (LP) model. These pitfalls... see more

It provides a unification of system of equations, matrix inversion, and linear optimization.

Extensive compendium of websites, categorized into general resources, journal websites, societies and organizations, and... see more

Este sitio amplía las relaciones unidireccionales existentes entre los sistemas lineales que solucionan ecuaciones,... see more

Este sitio presenta una metodología para la construcción de regiones de sensibilidad de programación lineal (PL). A... see more

El aprendizaje con la asistencia del computador es una colección de experimentación y simulación utilizando paquetes de... see more

It presents installation information for a free-of-charge software package that solves linear programming models by the... see more

Mathematical modeling process for decision making is presented in the context of linear optimization.

Los modelos de redes y los programas de números enteros son aplicables para una gran variedad de modelos decisión.... see more

A strategic solution algorithm with illustrative numerical example is provided. Applications to optimal portfolio... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. This book, the second in a series of three on Convexity and Optimization,... see more