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The aim of “Exploring Emerging Technologies for Lifelong Learning and Success (#EmTechMOOC)” is to identify the value and... see more

The Open Research Library (ORL) will eventually contain a scholarly collection of 20,000+ Open Access books available to... see more

"Punflay’s Mathomatix series is back! Kindergarteners will enjoy learning about basic geometrical shapes such as... see more

'This program is dedicated to showing you a variety of interesting math tricks that will help you solve some basic math... see more

This site is an online math solver with free step-by-step solutions to algebra, calculus, and other math problems.

This site contains links to Photomath app available both for iOS and Android. The app allows a smartphone (or other... see more

Proportion, slope, ratio, angle, cross multiplication.

Basic tool for to experiment with fractions: The app lets you view the fractions represented in the form of overlapping... see more

Project Description “STARS Cafe” is a single-player mobile game developed for the Research Methods course to teach... see more

Touch Fraction: (Android interactive fraction) About fractions, and the construction of the rational numbers. Fractions:... see more

Small interactive laboratory of Natural Numbers: The Prime numbers are the building blocks of the numbers. With this app... see more

An interactive multimedia course of study about statistics

Measuring proper fractions and improper fractions Measure Fractions displays a mesh of unit squares that can be divided... see more

Touch decimals Place value ± Double interactive place value chart. Wireless abacus. - Show and experience the addition... see more

Ayuda al alumno a dibujar automáticamente campos vectoriales espaciales que sean conservativos y que no lo sean. Además,... see more

En este objeto de aprendezaje se presenta un campo vectorial espacial que viene definido mediante un parámetro y según... see more

En este objeto de aprendizaje de el alumno podrá apreciar la trayectoria del campo vectorial junto a las curvas de nivel.

Se analizan varias aplicaciones de los desarrollos en serie de potencias de una función: cálculo de sumas en series... see more

Presentamos un enfoque de la probabilidad que resalte la relación entre la teoría y la experiencia: el enfoque... see more

Representación gráfica de un punto arbitrario que el alumno puede seleccionar y su conversión al otro tipo de... see more

Mostrar al alumno la construcción gráfica del campo de vectores normales a algunas superficies dadas. Cuando un... see more

Ayuda al alumno a dibujar automáticamente un campo conservativo vectorial plano que viene dado a partir de un parámetro.... see more

El contenido de este objeto de aprendizaje permite realizar la gráfica de un campo vectorial plano que se define por... see more

Ayudar al alumno a dibujar automáticamente un campo conservativo vectorial espacial. Mediante la gráfica de las... see more