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An interesting resource on the ways in which the brain processes langauge from Pimsleur Approach.

Practical vocabulary to keep in mind when shopping in Spanish speaking countries.

A reference that has useful links to language learning resources, tips and articles

For those that may be having trouble sounding like a native Spanish speaker, here are a few tips.

Spanish games focused on making key vocabularly memorization fun and interactive for younger learners.

A list of high-quality resources that can aid children in learning Spanish. Includes Spanish games, cartoons, flashcards,... see more

Flash based games to teach kids spanish. Includes the topics of colors, the weather, memory, and a Spanish match-up game

A great blog that offers high quality learning resources for spanish

German vocab lists, grammar guides, lesson plans, articles and learning activities.

Spanish grammar guides, vocab lists, downloadable lesson plans, learning activities, articles, and links to other... see more