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There are many areas to explore regarding copyright in light of statutory law and case law, especially as they relate to... see more

This website was created by Robert Harris, author of The Plagiarism Handbook. He includes discussions of what motivates... see more

This page provides advice for how an instructor should handle the first day of class.

Copyright Law in Cyberspace by Georgia Harper of the University of Texas is a complete workshop for Internet users in... see more

This paper, pubished in the "Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration" examines the changing world of education... see more

Adelphi is a welcoming and inclusive campus and community that respects and honors different religions, abilities,... see more

This paper was published in the Online Journal of Distance Education Administration, Vol. 2, No. 4, Winter 1999. This... see more

This site has a group of teaching tips from professors for how to handle teaching a large class. Some recommendations... see more

This is a chapter from the book, Tools for Teaching, by Barbara Gross Davis; Jossey-Bass Publishers: San Francisco, 1993.... see more

Includes a discussion of plagiarism with several examples. and an explanation of each. Strategies for evaluating... see more

The faculty website, Preventing and Detecting Plagiarism: Tips for Faculty, offers faculty some ideas on why it happens,... see more

This is a comprehensive site that includes a lot of resources for teaching large classes. There is a FAQ section that... see more

An article full of practical examples, potential forms, and concise explanations of thoughtful policies on topics such as... see more

This is a rather lengthy tutorial on writing that was developed at Purdue University for non-Purdue personnel. There are... see more

"From NPR: perspectives on great teachers, the science of learning, classroom dynamics and more. The best of Morning... see more

This is an article from the Stanford University Newsletter. The following topics are covered: What We Know About... see more

Primary materials (statutes, rulings, etc.), current legislation and cases, internet resources, copyright law.

Creative Commons provides a great many online resources and quality videos that can be used in intellectual property... see more

In 1999, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) adopted two policy statements, drafted by a Special... see more

This is a well-organized site that describes what instructors should do on the first day of class. As indicated on the... see more

This is one of several articles from a special publication whose theme was "teaching from the outside in." According to... see more

Among the projects that the Foundation has underwritten in whole or in part are MIT's Open Courseware program, which has... see more

Higher education has experienced phenomenal growth in all parts of Asia over the last two decades — from the Korean... see more

This is one of several articles from a special publication whose theme was "teaching from the outside in." According to... see more