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The Classroom Assessment Techniques -- CATs (Angelo and Cross, 1993) within the FLAG are succinct, self-contained,... see more

Dr. M. David Merrill, Founder and director of the Division of Instructional Research, Development and Evaluation at... see more

This article explains what inquiry-based learning (IBL) is and tells why one should use it in the classroom. More... see more

Teach programming and engineering with Lego Mindstorms Robotics kits and open-source software. This tutorial is one of... see more

The Problem-Based Learning Clearinghouse is a repository of materials for instructors interested in using problem-based... see more

This site provides the history of problem based learning as a teaching strategy. There are a number of definitions... see more

Interdisciplinary Studies faculty member Vivian Price (California State University Dominguez Hills) discusses her... see more

This website hosts a collection of questions and answers intended as a basis for Socratic discussions on the subject of... see more

A PBL lesson for basic math built around the problem, "You are interested in purchasing a new vehicle. What should your... see more

This simulation tutorial from the eLearning Developer's Journal includes full source code. It teaches you step-by-step... see more

Research suggests people often fail to understand the personal relevance of generalized health information. To make... see more

All of my M.Ed. students create one or more WebQuests during their graduate studies. This matrix, which provides a grade... see more

Abstract - Information modeling is an early stage of database design. It deals with the structure of information in a... see more

This is a case study about a fictional anthropology instructor who tries to implement problem based learning in the... see more

The greatest challenge faced by educators today across diffrent sectors is to teach students problem solving .This... see more

Computation thinking (CT) can help to enhance the problem-solving skills required to solve complex, real-world problems.... see more

This is a document that answers a number of questions regarding Problem-based Learning. What is it? How does PBL Work?... see more