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This book provides a very didactical and easy-to-read introduction to contemporary macroeconomics. The text covers the... see more

“Health around the world” is a collection of interactive charts about health care and health outcomes around the world.... see more

This course is a collaborative offering of Sana, Partners in Health, and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).... see more

This is a free wikibook designed to cover International Business Economics. The following are the topics in the Table of... see more

Four Flash animations of graphical analysis on specialization and comparative advantage

This document is actually the proceedings of a Midwest conference that addressed three aspects of globalization: Global... see more

This rich site contains background information on International Trade from the Center for Strategic and International... see more

This mini-publication discusses the factors that make the U.S. economy the world's most productive, competitive, and... see more

This lesson plan uses the Big Mac Index, which was first created in September 1986 by The Economist as a relatively... see more

This lesson introduces the balance of payments and the components of the Current Account.

We've seen in a couple of lessons how when two countries have comparative advantages in the production of two different... see more

Interactive tools to compare over 200 countries in terms of their financial systems: what is the access to financial... see more

Why do nations stand to gain from trading with one another, and how should a nation determine the goods it should... see more

Why do nations stand to gain from trading with one another, and how should a nation determine the goods it should... see more

The concept of comparative advantage is used to make a decision about specialization and trade. The microeconomic impact... see more

How a country chooses to allocate its resources today can affect how quickly its economy grows in the future. This video... see more

Food and Agriculture Organization. Multilingual statistical database containing over 1 million time-series records... see more

In this assignment, students think about four events that would affect a country's exchange rate. For each event,... see more

Historically, international trade has played a critical role in enabling countries to grow, develop, and become... see more

Different countries have different currencies, and understanding how their values are determined is fundamental to... see more

This introductory survey course is intended to develop an understanding of key issues and dilemmas of planning in... see more

Marginal Revolution University (aka., MR University), provides you with several free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)... see more

This author of this website has attempted to identify the origin of many of the terms used in international economics.... see more

This is a lesson plan that utilizes a linked article from November 2000. The purpose of the plan is to: 1. explain how... see more