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1-24 of 33 results for: MERLOT Materials's aim is to offer students a way of practicing double entry bookkeeping / accounting principles... see more

PLEASE NOTE: When this resource was initially submitted to MERLOT it was the original simulation. The Peer Review and... see more

This YouTube course covers the content in the undergraduate advanced accounting course. This includes accounting for... see more

This PDF document is an excellent (and relatively brief) paper that describes how to help students develop those all... see more

The New Accountant is a professional publication for accounting students and the accounting profession. Each issue... see more

This site presents an online tutorial for developing and assessing ctitical thinking skills. It was co-developed by Susan... see more

From the editor’s note: This article is a distillation of principles and best practices to ensure effective online... see more

An introduction to the accounting for Depreciation, Depletion, and Amortization. Created for educational purposes by Dr.... see more

An introduction to the Accounting Cycle. Appropriate for Principles of Financial Accounting students, or as a refresher... see more

Principles of Financial Accounting is the first required course for business majors. Traditionally, the repeatable course... see more

For the time being, the Integrated TaxMap consists of a vision that tax professors have regarding the preparation of tax... see more

Chief Technology Officer Program is a career game-changer for highly ambitious Technology Professionals leading to better... see more

This resource by the University of North Dakota Online aims to assist those interested in a career in accounting by... see more

Accounting Basics for Students is a free online source of basic accounting lessons and questions, from the accounting... see more

This collection of readings supports courses in accounting theory and policy, with applications to accounting and... see more

The Core Competency Framework focuses on skills and is not structured around traditional subject/content areas or... see more

This site is best described as a "super site" for assessment in higher education. If printed, it runs some 78 pages. If... see more

Open Tuition's goal is to provide accountancy students worldwide with free online/mobile resources they need to study for... see more

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Contabilidad Básica, su importancia como sistema de información en la empresa. Estados financieros básicos

The quality Matters Rubric was developed by Maryland Online using a FIPSE grant. It is a 17 page rubric that is... see more

Summaries of various materials related to research methodology.

Bibliography that contains links to thousands of JSTOR full text Accounting Review articles from 1926-2000. Note that... see more

This position paper was written to address life-long learning in the accounting profession. The AECC believes that... see more