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Inactive Learning Exercise

This is a sample write up for the first problem in FlyLab assignment 1. Course: Genetics see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

The second part of FlyLab Assignment 1. This finishes the instructions on how to do crosses using the FlyLab and how to... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

This is a scoring rubric for FlyLab Assignment 1 giving the characteristics expected in the write-ups for this assignment... see more

This track teaches teachers to use Track Star through a sample lesson that guides teachers to resources that will help... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

An introductory assignment that takes students step by step through the Flylab and then has them investigate some simple... see more

Students read the tutorial and then test their understanding by typing SQL code for the exercises. When they submit their... see more

Students videotape themselves while they direct an instructional activity in the classroom. They then submit the video to... see more

This midterm is a sample from Prof. Roger Sabbadini's Muscle Physiology section of the BIO590 (upper division) Human... see more

Identify three types of ear problems ( deformity, birth trauma, and infection) and describe appearance as in nurses... see more

A classroom introduction to Thermodynamic Equilibrium applet. Course: Introductory Physics see more

Reading from the authors of the Thermodynamic Equilibrium applet see more

This activity allows students to explore the principles, promises, and pitfalls of distance education, and articulate... see more

This exercise is intended to give students practice determining whether a map projection has certain properties. Course:... see more