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Inactive Learning Exercise

Listening and reading exercise on fugue 6 (D minor) of JS Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier in performance by David Korevaar... see more

The Maya developed a very sophisticated study of astronomy, which enabled them to create a very accurate calendar and... see more

How to find answers about the universe using NASA resources Course: Science 1 see more

TEST Course: BIOLOGY see more

Standards for Grade 1 Investigation and Experimentation 4a. Draw pictures that portray some features of the thing being... see more

This lab/activity will show the relative the size and distance of the planets in the solar system and the solar system to... see more

These questions came up during our planetary geology class and can be used as class openers during a space science unit.... see more

Virtual walk to see the distances between planets and allows you to click on the planet for additional information. see more

Click on Start, then use the LM's engine to control the descent to the lunar surface. Use your fuel wisely, and attempt... see more

Students will use a map of Mars to measure the height and width of Mars' four largest volcanoes. They will decide what... see more

Students can compare the different landing sites of the moon. see more

Worksheet to give students a direction and focus in using the Stellarium program. see more

Students will be divided into five groups. Each group will be given three pictures of space objects. As a group they will... see more

See assignment on mirror URL see more

Fun activity that incorporates candy (what all kids like) into their learning experience. see more

It is difficult to get an idea of the relative sizes of the sun and planets in our solar system. In this activity you... see more

This is a powerpoint lesson that can be used to introduce the Google Mars website. Course: Earth Science see more

Students will access the internet to complete a chart with a variety of information about 8 specific bodies in our solar... see more

Galaxies are clusters of billions stars and may have different shapes. State Standard 4a Course: Astronomy see more

This assignment can be used to get students to analyze the surface of Mars. Course: Earth Science see more

This is a worksheet that students can fill out to try to prove that their crater is the best on on Mars. Course: Earth... see more

Create a classroom chart of planetary information gathered from the internet. Course: Astronomy see more

After completing the activity, Your Age on Other Planets, use this lab to understand Kepler's 1st Law on eccentricy.... see more

After completing the activity, Your Age on Other Planets, use this lab to understand Kepler's 1st Law on eccentricy.... see more