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ESL games and activities that can be helpful for students and teachers. Course: English see more

Games and activities that can be used in ESL/EFL classes at different levels. Course: Englins see more

Exercises to review and improve your French language skills. see more

Students will read the article about Egypt and do a presentation about one of the following; economy, government, people,... see more

History of Ibn Battuta the traveler. Course: Arabic culture see more

Arabic music, art, literature, poets, and culture. Course: Arabic Culture see more

Use French songs to promote the French language and French culture. Course: French see more

Warm-up activities that gives the students something to accomplish. Course: American History see more

It helps studetns master reading comprehension skills. The warm-ups contain reading paragraphs followed and questions... see more

Quizzes can be taken in class or at home. Course: Arabic see more

Arabic-English Quiz chosing the correct words. It is a good exercise for students with Arabic background who are learning... see more

Vocabulary quizzes that can be used in the classroom or at home. The students can check their anwers. The website has... see more

Warm up activities; vocabulary, spelling, and create words. see more

Grammar, vocabulary, quizzes, and resources. It is a good resource for teachers for lesson planning. Course: French and... see more

Lesson plan for students to work cooperatively and use the internet to get information to plan a day of activities in... see more

Tips on writing autobiographies. It also has a link for directions to make a video autobiography. see more

Guide to help students plan their oral presentations Course: All subjects see more

This project is for grade high school students grage 9-10.Each student will use a digital camera to create a photo album... see more