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Inactive Learning Exercise

1. Watch the law firm recruiting process video 2 Click on candidates' pictures to see their interviews 3. Make your... see more

A personality inventory was completed online by each student to determine their personality and communication styles. the... see more

This assignment utilizes the Keirsey Temperament Sorter in helping students to identify their communication styles. The... see more

People process information in different ways. These differences are related to preferences and learning styles. Visit the... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

This is an online assignment that can be used with the virtual factory. Course: International Marketing see more

At the start of the graduate level Human Resource Management degree graduate class on Compensation and Benefits, students... see more

Inactive Learning Exercise

This is an on-line assignment that can be used in conjunction with the Virtual Factory site. Course: Introduction to... see more

This on-line survey can be taken to determine your preferred Learning Style. see more

This assignment allows students to determine their selling style and then to development guidelines for adapting that... see more