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The British Pathe Film Archive Collection spans over 80 years of British Film History, containing over 90,000 historical... see more

Top Documentary Films provides you with an excellent free documentary film collection that you can view about a variety... see more

This class will cover a variety of topics spanning the creative to the technical. Some of what we'll touch on includes:... see more

Green Planet Films is a non-profit distributor of nature and environmental DVDs from around the globe. We promote... see more

Folkstreams provides a venue for independent film-makers to showcase their documentaries about American traditional... see more

Vimeo like YouTube contains millions of videos. Browse and search the Creative Commons licensed videos on Vimeo. Learn... see more

A series of webpages that discuss and show common stereotypes about Native Americans, American Indians, and Indigenous... see more

Abstract: Online learning is now widely recognized and accepted as a viable alternative to face-to-face teaching. It has... see more

This learning package contains: Teacher Notes; a set of 10 online tasks; a complete reading and viewing list; and some... see more

SurLaLune Fairy Tales features 49 annotated fairy tales, including their histories, similar tales across cultures, modern... see more

Free, fast, easy, navigational-access to a categorization of over 100,000 research-quality, child-safe websites to assist... see more

Resources for all levels of teaching related to Appalachian folklore and literature: articles, bibliographies, study... see more

Pre-K through 12th grade schools within the United States have become much more diverse in recent years. Schools are now... see more

This video was recorded at RTK 2013 - Tekmovanje ACM v znanju računalništva. Srednješolsko tekmovanje ACM iz znanja... see more

This video was recorded at RTK 2011 - Tekmovanje ACM v znanju računalništva. Srednješolsko tekmovanje ACM iz znanja... see more

An online course devoted to the study of Faust: concentrating on works by Christopher Marlowe, Johann Wolfgang von... see more

“I think everyone should know their story,” Annie Stevenson said, who worked as a house maid in the Jim Crow South before... see more

This volume presents the state of the art in digital scholarly editing. Drawing together the work of established and... see more

Magisto turns your iPhone into the smartest video camera ever. Just shoot plain videos and Magisto turns them into... see more

Jonas Thorén has worked at KTH since 2010. He has a background as an Artist (fine art), Documentary filmer, Photographer,... see more

This video was recorded at RTK 2012 - Tekmovanje ACM v znanju računalništva. Naučiti se vrteti slamico na steklenici.... see more

On Episode 2 of the Sustainable Funding Vlogcast for Media, Educators, Technologists, and Creators, author of Animals of... see more